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Hands 4 Hounds provides remedial massage to dogs who are experiencing lameness or stiffness as a result of age, accidents, conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia or spinal problems.

As a dedicated dog owner you will want to provide the best care possible to ensure your dog lives a long and comfortable life, and that they will continue to be fit and active into their later years. Massage is a gentle complementary therapy which can be used to help prevent problems as dogs get older and also address any difficulties they may have at all stages in their lives.

The service is offered across Norfolk in your own home. Massage is suitable for most dogs and can also be used with competition dogs or working dogs to help prevent injury and improve performance.

Hands 4 Hounds is fully insured to practise canine remedial massage therapy and always works within the Veterinary Surgeons Act by requesting consent from your vet before working with your dog.

To find out how canine remedial massage may benefit your dog, please visit my Canine massage therapy section or contact me for a chat.

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I took my 12 year old dog ‘Misty’ to Hands4Hounds after seeing her at a Dog Show. Misty is aged but not old however she is a GSD cross Lab and is getting very stiff on the back end especially her back left leg. The practitioner looked at her and said she would benefit. I checked with the Vet as requested and the treatment started both Misty and I was cautious. We did the recommended sessions and am now continuing monthly she is definitely benefiting, Read full testimonial…