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Signs of Pain – Physical Indicators

Chronic pain, i.e. pain that is ongoing, often goes unrecognised because dogs rarely cry out or moan. Instead they change the way they sit, stand or move to accommodate their discomfort and carry on. As owners we often put the changes down to old age, the heat, the cold, the long walk they’ve just done, […]

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Joint Pain – 5 clues to help you spot the signs

  Joint pain is generally caused by arthritis. Arthritis occurs following damage to the joint and causes extra bony growths to form which wear away the cartilage which usually protects the joint. The surfaces of the bones which form the joint then rub against each other during movement and that causes pain. The damage to […]

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Your Puppy at Home

While your puppy is growing you need to consider how much access they will have to your home and where they will sleep. Puppies have soft bones and are still growing which means too much jumping on and off things can cause joint damage. They shouldn’t use stairs until fully grown unless they are carried […]

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