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Canine Fitness

Canine fitness is important if we want our dogs to be healthy and able to live a comfortable and active life. Dogs, like humans, are becoming more sedentary and can succumb to the same medical conditions as humans if they don’t exercise regularly and eat well. In order to move well dogs need good muscle health. […]

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Your Puppy at Home

While your puppy is growing you need to consider how much access they will have to your home and where they will sleep. Puppies have soft bones and are still growing which means too much jumping on and off things can cause joint damage. They shouldn’t use stairs until fully grown unless they are carried […]

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Massage – Proactive or Reactive

There are 2 aspects to massage. The proactive aspect where massage is used when your dog doesn’t have any mobility issues and the reactive aspect where massage is used to address mobility issues resulting from old age, joint problems or accidents. Massage is used proactively from puppyhood right through a dog’s life. With puppies massage […]

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