Natalie Day

We have a 9 year old rescue spinger spaniel called Shadow who over Christmas was in so much pain that we had to call the emergency vets to come out to see him. They gave him a painkilling injection and we took him into the surgery the next day. The following week he had x rays which showed he had severe bilateral hip dysplasia. In fact the vet said it was the worst she had ever seen. The vet said he was not a candidate for surgery and even it may come to euthanasia We cried a lot over Christmas.

Our dog groomer recommended Louise to us and we are so relieved that we were given that advise. The vet had prescribed metacam for life for Shadow so he had already had a couple of weeks with it we also had tramadol for any breakthrough pain.

Initially the vet didn’t want Louise to treat Shadow as he had been aggressive with the vet and would not let the vet touch his rear end She agreed to Louise treating Shadow but advised her to avoid that area.

Three weeks of treatment later Shadow is a different dog. He has his sparkle back when Louise visits he relaxes so much that he is nearly asleep. Louise massages him all over and there is no aggression. We no longer need to use the tramadol.

We are delighted. We have made changes like buying a ramp for Shadow to get in the car easier. But we feel that it is the massage which has given Shadow a new lease of life.

We know he can’t be cured but to see him so much better in himself is fantastic.

Thank you Louise Highly recommended.

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