Your Puppy at Home


While your puppy is growing you need to consider how much access they will have to your home and where they will sleep. Puppies have soft bones and are still growing which means too much jumping on and off things can cause joint damage. They shouldn’t use stairs until fully grown unless they are carried or held on a short lead to control their speed. They should be lifted onto and off furniture and into and out of the car to avoid the impact landing can have on their joints. It might not seem too high to us but if you scale it up it’s a bit like a toddler jumping from a top bunk to the bedroom floor – it’s going to hurt! Ramps can be useful if you find lifting difficult.

Smooth flooring should be covered with rugs to avoid little legs skidding sideways especially in doorways and on turns.

Beds and crates should be checked for size regularly. Your puppy should be able to lie at full stretch in their bed and be able to stand and sit comfortably in their crate if you use one. Soft sided beds are best rather than rigid ones which tend to cause dogs to always lie curled up which can damage their spine.

By reducing the risk of injury early on in their life you will be helping your dog avoid joint problems so common in many older dogs which can greatly reduce mobility and quality of life and you will be able to share an active life with your dog for longer.

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