Why massage is an important way to care for your dog

photo-dogsMassage has many physical and psychological benefits-may be more so for dogs than for people.

Dogs massage each other during social grooming. Failure to thrive in orphaned dogs can be attributed to a lack of physical contact from their mothers.

Pet dogs have more sedentary lives than their wild counterparts so miss out on the physical benefits of a wide range of activities.

Pets live longer than their wild counterparts and massage allows that longer life to be more comfortable and for dogs to maintain mental awareness into old age

Domestication of dogs has changed their structure which can contribute to their physical stress.- short muzzles, long backs, hip problems,- massage can help relieve the symptoms of these.

Regular massage is a great diagnostic tool. It helps spot lumps and bumps, changes in the skin condition and painful areas. Hot spots can indicate inflammation and cold spots reduced blood flow.

Massage aids circulation which in turn helps with healing and in puppies helps with bone growth by aiding the circulation of nutrients to the growth plates of the bones.

Stimulation of the lymph circulation helps with old and convalescing dogs especially those with heart or kidney problems. Older dogs with age related stiffness benefit hugely from massage as a means of maintaining their mobility and from the reassurance and comfort massage brings.

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